Day 36-#blog #diary #thoughts

This weekend, I was happy. Up to now, I am still happy.

I graduated, from UCLA. I had two commencement ceremonies to attend; one on Friday, which was for the general UCLA College of Letters and Science, and then on Saturday, for my major. I don’t know why, but I was extremely nervous, especially for the one on Saturday, I think especially because I was seeing my relatives again, and I had to walk on stage, in front of so many people, to get my diploma.

But surprisingly, everything went well. Walking into the center of Pauley Pavilion, I felt excited, sad, but strangely, no longer nervous. It’s just so weird to suddenly stand and be in the spotlight of it all. In the days leading up to the graduation, I was still feeling moments of regret, regret for not joining more clubs or meeting more people and friends, but I kept telling myself, the past is the past. It already happened, and you can only now look to the future, or at work, to make new friends. On Saturday, everything with my relatives went smoothly as well. We had a great time, and I felt really happy to have the support of my aunts, uncles, and cousin and his family, especially him and his wife. Words could not describe how surprised I was when I received in the mail a money lei that she had made for me to wear up onstage. Add in the gifts and the money, and I was truly happy and felt blessed by all the support they had given me and for coming at all that day. I didn’t exactly need a lot of people to come; in fact, the smaller the better, but in the end, I was glad they did 🙂 Here’s to more happy days to come.




Day 35- #blog #diary #break #vacation #relax

I’m not a fan of travelling on the plane-I get airsick very easily-but has anyone ever noticed how everything changes when they arrive at the airport? Before travelling, you, and the people around you, are all headed somewhere, some to the same destination as you, which you implicitly take note of at the boarding gate, and some somewhere else. You think about why they are heading there, what are they talking about, and for some reason you yourself carry an air of importance, as though you are on a mission somewhere. While waiting for TSA, you feel that in that moment, everyone around you is waiting for the same exact thing and heading for the same exact thing. I don’t know; maybe that’s just me lol.

These past 5 days, my mom and I took a tour to Seattle, Washington. My mom has always wanted to visit there, and me, I thought of it as a graduation trip; I haven’t taken a vacation that long out of California in such a long time, and especially within the U.S. Now that I am done with school, I am hoping that we will be able to take more trips in the years to come, especially to the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and the East Coast. I have always wanted to go back to New York, and now that I am older and have learned more, Washington D.C., Boston, Pennsylvania and Niagara Falls; I just love the culture and the historical vibe there, and I think that for my mom, it will be nice to go back and revisit our old home back in Queens and Elmhurst.

I won’t go into too much detail, except for the fact that I was blessed with seeing snow again, after leaving New York for almost 17 years! It was actually at Mount Rainier National Park, and lo and behold, it was snowing in the middle of summer! I mean, usually, it snows during winter but like our tour guide said, it was once in a lifetime and I don’t know, seeing it again, for some reason, I didn’t know what to say.

Other than that, it’s weird how another home can become a home away from home. I am talking about my hotel (which we were so fortunate to have been upgraded to a Courtyard Marriott). Lol no, just kidding. Seattle in general I mean. The first day, everything was new to us, the hotel, the restaurants and the malls around it, and of course, Seattle itself. And then, each day, as we started venturing out to a different restaurant, each day as we passed by downtown Seattle on our way home from another day’s tour, the houses, the buildings, the cars became all familiar. To me, Seattle feels a lot like Concord, San Francisco or even like where I currently live. Maybe because we lived inland, but it doesn’t exactly have the big city vibe that I think New York gives off. And, blessed by the Lord, it didn’t rain heavy showers, or maybe I should correct; it did rain, heavily at times, but at least it didn’t rain in those crucial times when we needed to be outside for the tour. With this wet weather, however, I am not sure that I would entirely enjoy living in Seattle.


xx Clara xx

Day 33- Crazy Rich Asians, Bitch!

Oh my goodness! I have been awaiting this day for so long! Today, the first official trailer for the “Crazy Rich Asians” movie came out and I am beyond excited. To be honest, I can’t really tell how the movie is going to tell out (there are some trailers that instantly draw you in and make you feel, “Wow, this is epic!” and while this isn’t exactly the trailer, it still looks good). I haven’t read the story yet, and I think I should, but I am excited because it’s one of those rare movies with an entire Asian cast. Plus, the entire movie looks so colorful and lavish and the story a bit refreshing; also, did I mention the leading guy, Henry Golding, looks so handsome? (Too bad he’s already married 😦 )

Anyway, here’s the link to the movie trailer and movie poster below.

Btw, has anyone read the book yet? Is it worth reading? Comment below!


Day 32 of Writing-It’s Been a While

Hi guys!

It’s been a while, I know, since I last posted. Things have been busy around here, so I will give a quick update:

  1. I finally moved back home! It’s crazy knowing that I won’t have to pack and move back to school ever again.
  2. My cold was almost gone when I moved back starting spring break; however, the very next day, my mom came down with a sore throat, and that has spiraled into something worse; apparently we are speculating that the cold virus went down to her shoulders, and then her hip, because her shoulders, neck and lower hip began aching so bad she could hardly move, or if she could move, she couldn’t sit or stand long; every movement has to be so fragile. It’s been almost a month now, and it still hasn’t exactly gotten better (actually I hope it’s not starting again), although it is better than when I first came back. That’s why I have been busy helping take care of her, driving her to therapy, and doing household chores. To be quite honest, this was not the scenario that I imagined myself coming home to; I was really anticipating going out for lunch or shopping or watching a movie or even going on my graduating trip to the East Coast or Washington, Oregon and Canada. I felt really angry and frustrated and then sad, because who knows how long I would have to wait until she is completely well? By then, would I be working? Would I even have the holiday to do the tour? That’s why I wanted to do it now….
  3. Which brings me to my next point: I got a full-time job. To be honest, it’s also not my dream job; I was hoping to work at one of the Big 4 accounting firms or some place like Disney or NBC; at the moment, however, no reply from them so my mom just told me to work one or two years and see how that goes. If I don’t like it, at least I have some work experience. So, I’ll take it for now.

Other than that though, nothing really new. In the meantime, more new posts to come!

Day 31 of Writing-23 Things I Learned at 23

Well, this is a little bit random, but since my birthday is coming up on March 14th (also known as Pi Day!), I thought I would try one of these out. Shout out to Karlie Kloss for previously doing it on her YouTube Channel!

  1. There is seriously no place like home. Seriously, when you get into college, you will understand what I mean- your super duper comfy bed, the comfort food… *sigh*
  2. In the end, you will only regret the chances you never take.
  3. Networking, networking, networking. How I should have gone to more accounting career fairs and met more accounting and economics majors when I was younger.
  4. Take that risk. Talk to them. Don’t overthink it. Maybe that person is also just waiting for someone to come and be their friend. Maybe they are not as judgmental as you think they are.
  5. If you are interested, go for it! Meaning I should have done way more clubs in college.
  6.  Friendships are truly important. They make you happy, but more importantly, they cement your existence.
  7. Be grateful for your parents. You don’t know how much they do for you.
  8. Don’t wallow in self disappointment. Wake up and move on.
  9. It’s okay to say no.
  10. It’s okay to want to be alone. It’s okay to hang out alone.
  11. Honestly, what is there to be jealous about? Every person’s life is different. Maybe someone else is having the time of their lives because they were willing to take the extra step that you didn’t take.
  12. Always, always, always keep a copy of all receipts!!!
  13. Wait a week, maybe even two or three. Maybe then, you no longer want to buy that thing you thought you wanted so desperately.
  14. There is more to life than obsessing over the number of likes you get on Facebook or Instagram.
  15. Try to look decent.
  16. No matter how hard you try, not everyone is going to repay you or be grateful for what you did in the same way.
  17. Every day is a day of mastering the art of body language and social conversation.
  18. Don’t be so innocent. Don’t be so kind.
  19. Time flies by. Make the most of it (that includes time organization, prioritization, and all the activities I could have joined). Time Prioritization is key!!!
  20. College is not as scary as it seemed.
  21. Read the news. There’s no better time to stay relevant to society than now.
  22. It’s okay to be vulnerable.
  23. A short nap can do you no harm.

Day 30 of Writing-#QOTD #3

Which brings me to my third quote: What is the worst that can happen? No picture for this one, sorry. Anyways, that has been something that I have been trying to repeat on a constant basis each time I get scared of something that I know I shouldn’t be afraid of. The most typical situations? Walking out of my room into the kitchen when there are more than one person talking, ordering something at the dining hall, or going to deposit money at the bank. Honestly, it’s not like I am going to die or suffer a life threatening injury; and on these occasions, I put extra pressure on myself, because if I am so scared of situations as minor as these, how will I look to other people, or even my parents? I will just resemble a shrunken old woman, always with no courage and no back to her bone. I also have to remind myself half the time that in similar situations, people were never really as judgmental as you thought they were.